Meet Miles Rahimi

“If no one from my generation will step up to the plate, I will. Someone needs to fight the good fight.”

Miles Rahimi is an America-First Conservative who was raised in Oklahoma before shipping out with the Navy to serve his country. After eight years of service, he has returned home with his wife to continue to fight for our country on another front: the US Congress.

Miles is a Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment Conservative who will fight against illegal immigration, un-American trade deals, and worker visa giveaways that undercut Americans’ jobs at home. He’s not afraid to stand up to multi-national corporations and left-wing special interests on behalf of Oklahoma’s families and their values. He will be President Donald Trump’s #1 ally in Congress.


We Did It

We Did It

We did not back down. Our Message Was Heard. Enormous thanks to Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite who graciously volunteered their facility “The Bunker” to host the forum. Not only do they...

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