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America First and Defeating the Chinese Corona Virus

Miles supports President Trump’s robust America-First Agenda. This means putting an end to trade deals and foreign worker visa programs that enrich multi-national corporations at the expense of American jobs. This means securing the border and putting an end to chain migration and the anchor baby phenomenon.

As we have learned from the Chinese Virus, it also means bringing home from China the manufacturing of essential industries such as drug and medical equipment manufacturing.

 The First Amendment and Censorship

Miles is a defender of the First Amendment and its protection of freedom of speech and religion. Miles will oppose left-wing tech giants’ attempt to censor, demonetize, and de-platform conservative voices while at the same time reaping millions of taxpayer dollars in advertising and benefiting from “special” protections from liability reserved for “common carriers.”

The Second Amendment

Miles will defend Oklahoman’s 2nd Amendment Rights and will oppose any encroachment of them, specifically so-called “Red Flag” laws that circumvent due process Rights.

The Right to Life

Miles stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Right to Life movement and believes that life begins at conception. He will oppose any legislation that funds abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. He will also work to make adoption easier and less expensive by cutting red tape and expanding adoption tax credits.

The Opioid Crisis

Every year, nearly fifty-thousand Americans die from opioid overdose, and over two-million Americans suffer from opioid addiction. Miles will fight to cut-off the supply of opioids from the super-labs that make them in Mexico and get federal funding for programs that help people overcome these addictions. 

Term Limits

Miles supports returning Congress to a “citizen legislature” by setting two-term limit for US Senators and a three-term limit for Representatives.


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