Today, Miles Rahimi released the following statement (PDF Version):

While in the Navy, I upheld the core values of honor, courage, and commitment, and I would expect every other potential Republican candidate to do the same.

When I was informed that State Senator Bice was falsely claiming that she was endorsed by Oklahomans For Life and had a 100% voting record with them in the State Senate, I brushed it off as campaign staff error.

However, when the Oklahoman published an article about it, she not only didn’t apologize, she doubled down on the false claim of always taking the side of Oklahoman’s for Life during her time in office.

I was the only candidate to call her out at last night’s debate and once again, she again repeated the blatant falsehood that she has stood for ending abortion 100% of the time.

On two separate and important votes, she did not vote with Oklahomans For Life. One of these votes would have removed legal protections for abortionists who break Oklahoma law, while the other protected the religious liberty of adoption agencies that are critical in the fight to provide pregnant women with a life-saving choice.

Rather than standing with the rest of the Republican state senators on these critical votes, she decided not to vote at all — despite her having been present, casting other votes on the same day, and even gaveling in the Senate.

Oklahoma Republicans should not nominate someone who won’t fight 100% to end abortion or someone who can’t tell the simple truth about her record.