When I started this campaign, I never thought for a moment that people would stoop so low.

Recently, the campaign of Michael Ballard egregiously claimed I was dishonorably discharged, knowing it was 100% false.

Immediately after this terrible accusation, I publicly released my personal Department of Defense Form 214 – Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.

Even after putting an end to that absurdity, I was attacked.

I explained to Kevin Batts of Red River TV exactly why I lawyered up against the Navy (see below).

My campaign for Congress was even endorsed by the JAG officer who helped me.

Major John Hafemann of the US Marine Corps Reserves, and a successful litigator, helped me right the wrongs that so many were facing.

He saw the courage I had to stand up against Goliath.

He is not the only fighter to have endorsed my campaign.

Recently, I also received the endorsement from a profound warrior and Oklahoma native, Lt. Col. Beau A. Hendricks.

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