Today, Miles released the following statement: (PDF Version)

For generations, our country has had the welcome mat out for the world. No country has been more generous and welcoming to immigrants than the United States. And as a first-generation American, I am eternally grateful for what this country has done for my family.
However, it is in our nation’s best interest to have an immigration moratorium. We need to hit the pause button while we fix our broken system that has allowed anchor babies, chain migration, worker visa abuse, student visa abuse, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and an open border.
And that also includes a pause on refugees, particularly from countries that do not share our culture and who would be better settled in a place that shares their values.
It’s also time to rachet up the criminal penalties for employers who hire illegals or abuse the worker and student visa system. Fines are not enough; I will fight to legislate jail time.
We are not a country if we don’t have a border and cannot control our immigration system, and this will be my top priority when elected.

Miles is available for comment at (405) 315-9675 or miles@miles4ok5.com.

About Miles Rahimi

Miles Rahimi is an America-First Conservative who was raised in Oklahoma before shipping out with the Navy to serve his country. After the better part of a decade of honorable service, he has returned home with his wife to continue to fight for our country on another front: the US Congress. His website can be found at milesforoklahoma.com.