Today, Rahimi Campaign Advisor Matt Braynard released the following statement (PDF Verison):

Not only did Miles Rahimi serve honorably in our nation’s Navy, he earned “whistle blower” status when he stood up for low-ranking enlisted men and women who were being abused by those who had been entrusted to lead them.
I cannot express my disgust at seeing another candidate, Michael Ballard, make a public statement claiming that Miles was “dishonorably discharged.”
I was equally disgusted to learn that the chairwoman of the Oklahoma County Republican Party, Evelyn McCoy, was also spreading this lie.
Even worse, when I personally reached out to each of these individuals to ask them to correct themselves and recant this vile smear against an American who has put his life on the line for our country and offered them the documents to prove Miles was honorably discharged, they refused.
Both of these individuals owe Miles Rahimi an apology. Further, I question how a party that portends to be “pro-Military” and “pro-Veteran” can allow someone like Evelyn McCoy to remain in leadership; the state party leadership must demand her resignation.
Our campaign is issuing a formal cease-and-desist letter to both of these individuals, and we are investigating other legal remedies. Because of their behavior, they have both demonstrated they are fit for neither political or party office.

Matt is available for comment at matt@braynard.com or 202.423.5333.

About Miles Rahimi

Miles Rahimi is an America-First Conservative who was raised in Oklahoma before shipping out with the Navy to serve his country. After the better part of a decade of service, he has returned home with his wife to continue to fight for our country on another front: the US Congress. His website can be found at milesforoklahoma.com.