Miles is an advocate for our Second Amendment and is calling for a gun-owner tax credit.

Today, Miles Rahimi released the following statement: (PDF Version)

We are learning more than ever how important our Second Amendment Rights are, and with those rights come great responsibilities.

If elected, I will introduce legislation to provide a one-hundred dollar federal tax deduction for gun owners to help offset the cost of range time, training ammunition, and secure storage to ensure those who exercise their Second Amendment Right do so with the appropriate and necessary competence.

Gun safety does not have to be a partisan issue; it’s something everyone can agree is important, and my legislation will help make that a national priority.

And beyond the proper handling of firearms, lawful gun owners are proven to reduce crime and the costs associated with crime. By incentivizing safe gun ownership, I believe this legislation will more than pay for itself.

Miles is available for comment at (405) 315-9675 or miles@miles4ok5.com.

About Miles Rahimi

Miles Rahimi is an America-First Conservative who was raised in Oklahoma before shipping out with the Navy to serve his country. After the better part of a decade of service, he has returned home with his wife to continue to fight for our country on another front: the US Congress. His website can be found at milesforoklahoma.com.