We did not back down.

Our Message Was Heard.

Enormous thanks to Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite who graciously volunteered their facility “The Bunker” to host the forum.

Not only do they have their finger on the pulse of Oklahomans, they were able to rally the additional support we needed to pull this off!

In case you missed it, you can watch it here.

Now, I need your help to amplify my message even more!

My team believes that I have the message, but more importantly the connection with Oklahoma’s 5th district voters to win the Republican Primary.

Speaking with voters, I have learned that our district is tired of professional politicians and self-funded millionaires.

Everyday Oklahomans have helped me pass the threshold needed to participate in the upcoming KFOR debate making me the only real grassroots candidate to participate.

Clearly, I am hitting a nerve with Oklahomans when 92% of all my contributions come from small-dollar donors (<$200).

Will you help me turn up the volume on my message by making a contribution?

I don’t need as much as the other candidates. I just need enough to get my message out to the voters here so they know that someone in the Republican Primary is fighting for them, that someone in this race understands them, and that someone in this race is one of them.

We could not have done it alone.

Special thanks to Tod Tucker for moderating the event.

While the noise came from our campaign, we have to thank those who rallied with us to sponsor the Candidate forum:

Thank you to everyone and I look forward to amplifying my message over the next month!

God Bless,