Miles is an advocate for free speech and is demanding that social media platforms be held accountable for their censorship.

He was published today in Conservative Choice Campaign and released the following statement today:

Today, Miles Rahimi released the following statement: (PDF Version)

Regardless of an election cycle, it seems to only take a moment for something posted on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter to become spotlighted in the mainstream media.

What is and is not covered in the mainstream media is largely guided by these Social Media companies, specifically by their tech executives own personal political preferences.

Their preferences allow them to draft guidelines that are increasingly vague as to what does and does not violate their ethical standards. This allows them to, without notice or reason, create roadblocks that limit speech they disagree with.

This creates a dangerous precedence due to the enormity of influence that their companies have and how these companies are relied on by communities and small businesses.

By creating, as Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) put it, “a threshold definition of neutral,” it will prevent these social media tech giants from eluding liability while effectively limiting the individual’s freedom of expression.

Upon being sworn in, I will immediately introduce the Tweet Freely Act that amends Article 230 of the Communications Act to provide that line in the sand, stand up for and protect our liberties, and allow individuals to “tweet” freely. This act will also restrict public tax dollars from being spent on any platform that censors speech that would otherwise be protected under the First Amendment.

Miles is available for comment at (405) 315-9675 or miles@miles4ok5.com.