Today, Miles Rahimi, an America First Conservative running in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, released the following statement. (PDF Version)

During this pandemic we are seeing businesses shuttered. American and Oklahoman workers are finding themselves out of a job, the unemployed unable to find work, and business owners unable to pay their rent, their employees, or the debt while their states are on lock down.

Too many are still waiting on aid programs like the Payment Protection Program (PPP), a program that has been underfunded thanks to Democrat partisanship.

Families across our nation are having to make due with less – often a lot less, while Speaker Pelosi is participating in Show & Tell on Late Night television, showboating her $20,000 matching refrigerators packed with luxury ice cream at $15 a pint.

I am calling for the immediate cut of Congressional pay by 50%.

It seems only right that until the PPP backlog is cleared and all fifty States are taken off of lockdown orders, our leaders should stand in solidarity with the Americans who do not have a $174,000 salary direct-depositing into their bank account every two weeks.

Our leaders should take note from the extraordinary example set by President Trump by refusing his entire salary. The members of Congress should follow his example and share in the struggle and sacrifice that so many are facing.

Miles is available for comment at (405) 252-0645 or miles@miles4ok5.com.