Today, Miles Rahimi released the following statement:

While we remember those who lost their life due to the senseless attack on the Murrah Bombing, I’d like to honor my Uncle James Reynolds, a First Responder in the aftermath, who has always provided valuable life lessons and a reminder to live with integrity.

When I was very young, not sure the specific age, I had broken a vase at his home. While I’m not sure exactly how I tried to hide it, I remember him explaining to me, in terms that made sense to me as a child, that while I had made a mistake it was okay to come forward with it but hiding it was a violation of trust.

He recently retired as the Chief Operating Officer of the Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System compounding a four-decade span of upholding the trust of the public.Firefighter Friday segment featuring one of our retirees: Battalion Chief James Reynolds.